Ace offer gives instant saving on Google Pixel 4 deals – and you still get that free Chromebook

Usually when new smartphones are released to the world, it takes a while for the market to diverge and for genuine market-beating prices to start rolling in. But Carphone Warehouse has turned that received wisdom on its head when it comes to hot-off-the-press Google Pixel 4 deals.That’s because Carphone Warehouse has immediately come along with an offer that knocks a fair few quid off Google’s brand new mobile. To be more accurate, it has come along with two offers dependant on whether you’re hoping to purchase on contract or a SIM-free Pixel 4.Wanting to spread your payments and buy the Pixel 4 or 4 XL on contract? Then Carphone Warehouse is offering your choice of a £50 gift card for Currys PC World, Google Play or Just Eat. Not fancying any of those? Then you can opt for a £50 pre-paid Mastercard instead to spend on pretty much anything you want. Monthly costs start from less than £30 with data allowances going as high as unlimited , so you should easily be able to find the tariff to suit you from Carphone.Got the £669 to spend on a Pixel 4 outright (or £829 for the XL)? This time the retailer will let you claim a gift up to the value of £25. That’s in the form of a gift card for Currys PC World or Costa, a pre-paid Mastercard or a 1-month Sky Sports pass from Now TV. All you’ll have to figure out after that is which cheap SIM only deal to put inside it.But remember – you won’t be eligible to claim these vouchers if you simply head over to the Carphone Warehouse website now or go to a branch and order your phone. You have to click one of the special links below and insert your email address first (where you’ll also find the full Ts&Cs)…
Click here if you’re buying the phone on contractClick here if you’re buying the handset SIM-free
But what about my free Chromebook?
Aha, so you’ve heard!? Order your new Pixel 4 deal in the pre-order period (i.e. up until October 24) and you can also claim a free Chromebook that would normally cost in the region of £250.Well there’s no need to panic. Order from Carphone Warehouse and you’ll get the gift as mentioned above and the Chromebook freebie. Sweet!
Is the Google Pixel 4 any good?
In short…yes. Want something longer…? Yes, very.It’s the camera phone that really shines, as is the norm with the previous iterations of Google’s smartphones. So a second 12MP sensor has been added to the rear and considerable promises about the software smarts that aren’t as immediately obvious.We also love the 90HZ OLED screen. It may sound incidental, but it makes for a super smooth scrolling experience that you can only really marvel in when you experience it.Want to know more? Then head over to our early hands-on Google Pixel 4 review to discover all you need to know.
Why buy from Carphone Warehouse?
Everyone knows the name ‘Carphone Warehouse’ but what is it that makes the retailer really standout?Providing ‘text to switch’ features – allowing you to easily change over your number when you switch contracts – as well as phone trade-ins to save money with your old handset, Carphone is working to make your purchase as easy as possible.Combine that with Carphone’s next day delivery guarantee and click and collect options from 850 stores and the high-street retailer is looking like a strong option – discover its latest prices and offers with our Carphone Warehouse deals guide.
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