Argos online bank holiday sales: the best home, garden and tech deals still available

The official bank holiday sales may be over but Argos is still offering some good discounts on a range of home, garden and tech deals. We’re still keeping a keen eye on the indexes and we’ve got all the best remaining deals right here. So, even if you missed the big event itself, you still may be able to pick something up.We’ve rounded up our top Argos post-bank holiday sales into sections for Home, garden and tech further down in this article, but you can head straight to Argos’s entire online range if you’d like to see all the deals first hand. There are also some handy links just below which can take you straight to the relevant sections at Argos if you’re on the lookup for something specifically this bank holiday.

We also recommend checking out our main bank holiday sales hub, which is the place to go if you want to see the very best deals across the whole range of retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis, Currys, and much more.
Argos online: bank holiday sale quick links
Bored at home – Shop all boredom busters at ArgosWorking from home – Shop all working from home essentials at ArgosKeeping the kids entertained – Shop all toys at ArgosKeeping yourself fit for less – Shop all home gym at ArgosTime for a barbeque? – Shop all barbeques at ArgosTime for a makeover – Shop all furniture and home ideas at ArgosHome improvement – Shop all DIY at ArgosOut in the sunshine – Shop all garden essentials at Argos
Argos Bank Holiday sales 
Shop all garden deals at Argos
Shop all tech deals at Argos
Argos home delivery
Quick delivery is what really sets Argos apart as a retailer as you can get same-day delivery for just £3.95 and Argos will even deliver 7 days a week – super useful if you’re trying to fit delivery around a busy working from home or home schooling schedule.If you’re buying small items, which can be delivered by one person, then you’re entitled to same-day delivery as long as you get your order in by 6pm. All small items cost £3.95 for delivery, so make sure you’re taking advantage of the fast track same-day service that’s on offer.If you’re buying large appliances then you’ll get the added bonus of free delivery, although be aware that the fast track same-day delivery doesn’t apply to these items. You can of course still go for the next-day delivery option, which also means you can pick the delivery time slot that’s best for you.For more information on Argos’s delivery times and charges, you can visit their delivery FAQ here.
Are any Argos stores open right now?
Certain Argos stores that are part of Sainsburys supermarkets remain open for business currently, meaning you can make use of their click and collect policy if you’re on your way to pick up essential food items. We’d of course strongly advise against this, as it’s essential that everybody puts the health of themselves and others above any other considerations right now. Thankfully Argos has some of the best home delivery in the business – it’s fast, cheap, and above all else convenient – so there’s no reason to not use it under current circumstances.