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Best Fitbit 2019: which is right for you?

c8UNZEz9qEP4twfUoJBgZR - Best Fitbit 2019: which is right for you?

Are you scouring online for the very best Fitbit? You’ve come to the right place. Fitbit was one of the very first wearable tech companies to bring step counts, badges and calorie burn information to our phones with its early devices, like the Ultra, the Fitbit One and then the Fitbit Flex. Fast-forward a decade and […]

IP Proxy Network vs VPN: Luminati CEO answers this and a lot more

i44EeGrpaHSmSrGqKY9TSn - IP Proxy Network vs VPN: Luminati CEO answers this and a lot more

Gathering accurate online data can be difficult for businesses which is why Luminati is working on building the world’s largest business proxy network. The company has connected millions of devices through its P2P network which it uses to provide ad-free applications to users in return for their idle device resources.Businesses around the world are now […]

Microsoft Build 2019: The biggest takeaways (free PDF)

At this year’s Build conference, Azure, AI, and conversational bots were among the key themes—along with some strategic cues for developers. This ebook looks at the highlights and analyzes the most significant announcements. From the ebook: Microsoft’s Build 2019 developer conference had a heavy dose of cloud, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things, as well […]

Windows 10 May 2019 Update: An insider’s guide (free PDF)

The release of version 1903 brings changes that affect everyday users, business leaders, and IT decision makers. This ebook highlights the most significant new features and explains what you should be aware of before and after installation. From the ebook: Development of Windows 10 is a continuous process. While previous versions of Windows received service […]

Special report: Prepare for serverless computing (free PDF)

Serverless computing enables enterprises to buy business functions and have the compute, storage, and networking tasks managed in the background. But how well will this model work for your organization—and which vendors offer the best options for your needs? This ebook, based on the most recent ZDNet/TechRepublic special report, looks at how serverless architecture works, […]

Beyond the PC: Lenovo’s ambitious plan for the future of computing (cover story PDF)

Lenovo, a leading PC manufacturer and a top-five player in the server market, has recently returned its smartphone group to profitability. After visiting its China HQ, Charles McLellan reports on Lenovo’s future. This download provides the magazine version of the article as a free PDF for registered TechRepublic and ZDNet members. The online version of […]

Apple FileVault 2: Tips for IT pros (free PDF)

Apple’s FileVault 2 offers whole disk encryption that’s simple to implement and seamless to the user. This ebook explains the basics, then dives into the process of recovering encrypted data and automating deployment and configuration. From the ebook: Apple’s FileVault 2 encrypts the entire disk so all data contained therein (regardless of the number of […]

Digital transformation: An IT pro’s guide (free PDF)

IT pros are being tasked with implementing digital practices to improve business processes and operations. But may organizations are struggling to bridge the gap between innovation and execution of digital solutions. This ebook looks at the obstacles standing in the way of digital transformation, along with some strategies to overcome them. From the ebook: When […]

Dell shakes up AIO PCs

Choosing between the sleek form factor of an all-in-one PC and the upgradability of a desktop is one of the tough decisions that businesses have to make when outfitting their offices with new computers.Dell aims to make this decision easier for businesses with the announcement of its new OptiPlex 7070 Ultra which hides a full […]

Cybercriminals deliver malware using fake NordVPN website

The cybercriminals responsible for breaching and utilizing the website of the free video editor VSDC to distribute malware have begun to create fake websites to accomplish the same goal.Previously the group hacked legitimate websites to use their download links to spread malware but now they have turned to cloning websites to deliver the Win32.Bolik.2 banking […]

OnePlus TV: what do we want to see?

DecX5tSZUKSELPKDZqUekh - OnePlus TV: what do we want to see?

You’ll likely know OnePlus as the fast-growing smartphone brand from China, which found a huge following for making high-spec handsets that still manage to sharply undercut the increasingly astronomical price of the competition (we’re looking at you, iPhone XS Max). But do you know about the OnePlus TV?UPDATE: We now have an official OnePlus TV […]