BT Broadband deal: get superfast fibre and a free gift for less than £30 a month

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It’s true to say that BT Broadband isn’t the cheapest internet provider around and there are ISPs out there (wave hello to the likes of Vodafone and TalkTalk) that can undercut it with their most affordable broadband deals.But a recent price cut has seen BT return to our good books – it’s brought its best value Superfast Fibre package down below the £30 per month mark for new customers. That’s excellent value when you consider that the average speeds are 50Mb – a nice upgrade from the cheapest fibre offered by other providers. It may not be Black Friday standard, but it isn’t far off.And to add to the joy, BT is also throwing in a £40 ‘Reward Card’ to sweeten the deal further. So that’s a pre-paid Mastercard that you can use anywhere in store or online where it’s accepted…so pretty much everywhere!Sound good? Discover more details below and beyond that our full broadband comparison chart of all of today’s best BT Broadband deals.
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BT’s cut price fibre broadband deal
What are BT’s Reward Cards?
The Reward Card that BT sends out is a pre-paid credit card that you can use anywhere that accepts Mastercard. In short, that’s around a million shops, cafes and restaurants around the world, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to find places to spend, spend, spend.It’s an old-fashioned chip and pin card, rather than contactless. But do make sure that you claim your Reward Card within three months of installation, otherwise you’ll lose out on all that cash.
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