Cyberthreats have evolved – but Norton protection has too

We all know how critical it is to have good quality protection when online these days, particularly when entering credit card details for shopping, accessing online banking, or other finance-related activities.Cybercriminals have an increasingly diverse range of tricks and attack vectors at their disposal, and we’ve recently witnessed them going as far as cloning the website of a popular VPN provider in an attempt to fool unwitting surfers into downloading malware. Not to mention a huge increase in mobile banking malware threats and a major comeback from ransomware, one of the nastiest infections around. In short, the threat landscape is more dangerous terrain than ever, and with cyberthreats constantly evolving and becoming more prevalent, you need a security solution which is equally evolved – and covers you from multiple angles.
Multiple layers of defence
Having a simple antivirus app might be a good start in terms of defending your devices, but really, you need multiple layers of defence to be truly safe online. However, the trouble is it’s something of a headache thinking about what security apps you might need, and which of those solutions are best.For example, as well as antivirus, you’ll likely want a VPN to better protect your online privacy – but which one exactly? And perhaps more to the point, how much will that cost? There may be free VPNs out there, some of you might be thinking, but these can – and often do – have a hidden cost in terms of your privacy (ironically).Wouldn’t it be much easier if there was a single all-in-one solution that had antivirus, VPN, and several other layers of security you need built-in? Fortunately, there is such a solution: Norton 360 is a new type of security solution which has been developed to cover multiple bases in one convenient package.Naturally, top-notch antivirus (with real-time protection) is a given, but along with that, even the most affordable version of Norton 360; Norton 360 Standard provides you with an easy-to-use VPN which has no data limits or other catches.This security suite also delivers a password manager, protection for your browser (PC-only), plus an intelligent firewall, all of which combine with the core antivirus (with ransomware protection) and VPN to make you that much safer online.The layers of protection don’t stop there, though. Norton 360 also provides webcam protection to prevent untrusted apps from accessing your camera, a particularly intrusive attack vector which is perhaps the ultimate invasion of your privacy, meaning you’re literally being spied on.There’s also a good quality spam filter (PC-only) to keep your email inbox free of junk.There are other extras present in Norton 360, too, including a PC cloud backup facility to keep vital data safe in case the worst happens (such as a drive failure) and also some system maintenance tools to help clean up PC.

Protection for the whole family
Norton 360 Standard covers all your security requirements as an individual, but if you have a family, the next step up – Norton 360 Deluxe – provides coverage for more devices for all family members, alongside more PC cloud backup space, and it adds parental control to keep your kids safe when they’re online.Part of the strength of Norton 360 is that not only does it cover a huge array of different aspects of security but it covers them really thoroughly. Norton LifeLock actually delivers quality across all its many facets.That VPN? It’s a fully-fledged service featuring bank-grade encryption. Those parental controls? They don’t just allow you to police the content your kids will see, and the times they can be online, but they also facilitate deeper coverage in terms of monitoring social network usage and web searches.Every part of Norton 360 is fully fleshed out and polished to a high standard. As the name suggests, this is a protection covering your devices and information from multiple angles when it comes to maintaining your online privacy and being protected against the latest dangerous threats.