Get a free PS4 or Sony VR bundle with EE’s impressive Sony Xperia 1 and 10 deals

RjyHFzxd8ddxJeDpNcYVEn - Get a free PS4 or Sony VR bundle with EE's impressive Sony Xperia 1 and 10 deals

Combine your love of gaming and your need for a brand new mobile phone deal with EE’s latest offer – mixing some of Sony’s best handsets with a free PlayStation-shaped incentive.With this offer straight from EE, you get some choice. You can choose between two of Sony’s latest and greatest devices – the Xperia 10 or the Xperia 1 – and no matter which one you choose, EE will ever so kindly throw in a little Sony freebie.Again, there are options here for you – do you want a decked out PS4 bundle, complete with an extra controller and PS Plus voucher? Or would you rather get a Sony VR bundle with a VR worlds voucher? The choice is yours.That’s a lot of decisions to make on your brand new mobile phone deal so we’ve made the decision easy for you. Below you’ll find all of the information you need to decide including reviews, prices and a breakdown of the offers.

These Sony Xperia 1 and 10 deals + free PS4 gift

Find out more about each part of this offer:
Playstation 4 reviewSony Xperia 1 reviewSony Xperia 10 reviewPlaystation VR reviewUpgrade to an EE Smart Plan for Swappable Benefits
With this offer, you can also upgrade to an EE Smart plan. That means you can upgrade your phone contract anytime and get access to EE’s ‘Swappable Benefits’. These benefits include unlimited data when using the likes of your Apple Music and Netflix account, subscriptions to the BT Sport app or increased roaming abilities. You can change between these perks at any point during your contract.You can see the upgraded EE Smart Plans below:
Sony Xperia 10 | EE | FREE upfront | 10GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £39pmSony Xperia 1 | EE | FREE upfront | 10GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £69pm
Why should I get my next mobile phone deal on EE?
EE is the UK’s fastest network and that fact alone has drawn in a lot of support for their contracts, it has steadily become the most popular network in the UK. You’ll also find that EE phone deals are frequently the best option available.EE also offers a few incentives to its customers that sweeten the deal. You can get six months of free Apple Music when you pay monthly with EE and the ability to use Wi-Fi to make calls when you just can’t find signal anywhere – and that’s before you add those tempting Swappable Benefits.
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