Gmail dark mode is finally rolling out for both Android and iOS

It’s been a long time coming, but Google has finally started pushing out a Gmail update that gives all Android 10 and iOS users an optional dark mode.A few Android 10 users received the new option two weeks ago, but Google has now made the rollout official and added support for iOS 11, 12 and 13.
How to enable dark mode for Google ChromeAndroid 10 release date, features and everything we knowHow to reset your Gmail passwordIf you’re using Android 10, dark mode for Gmail will be activated automatically when you select ‘Dark theme’ in your phone’s general settings. Alternatively, you can go into the Gmail app’s settings and change your preferences there.If you have a Google Pixel phone, Gmail will switch to dark mode automatically whenever power saving mode is switched on.Anyone using iOS 11 or 12 will need to choose the dark option within the Gmail app, but if you’re using iOS 13, the app will respect your phone’s system-wide settings and change colors automatically if you’ve chosen to use dark mode.
Hold your (dark) horses
The rollout isn’t going to be particularly quick, though, and Google has warned that it could take 15 days or even longer for all users to see the new option.When you do, you’ll be able to benefit from improved battery life (Google’s own research has found that black pixels draw significantly less power than white or colored ones) and more comfortable reading after dark – though checking your messages last thing will never be a recipe for a good night’s sleep.
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