Have the new Apple AirPods 3 been revealed by a charging case cover?

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We’ve been hearing rumors about the Apple AirPods 3 all year, and until recently, it looked as though the new true wireless earbuds wouldn’t be coming out until at least 2020. However, a spate of leaks over the last couple of months is making a late-2019 release more likely – and now, the design of the so-called AirPods Pro might have just been leaked by phone accessories manufacturer ESR. 
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Spotted by MacRumors, a listing on the site for an ‘AirPods Pro Cover’ shows a wider carrying case than we’ve seen for previous AirPod models. Whether ESR has truly discovered the dimensions of the new AirPods Pro charging case or it’s simply posting this product listing as a marketing stunt is unclear.
The Apple AirPods (2019)
Rumors are stacking up
A recent report from China Economic Daily claims that an upgraded AirPods model – called the AirPods Pro, in the manner of the iPhone 11 Pro – may be about to release to market.China Economic Daily says that the AirPods Pro will come with active noise-canceling, which is lent credence by the mention of “with or without noise-canceling” audio settings in code for the iOS 13.2 beta.They’ll reportedly cost $260, which converts to around £200 / AU$380 – though UK pricing is likely to match the US figure, so they will likely cost £260 when all is said and done. The iOS 13.2 beta also revealed an icon that could show a design feature of  Apple’s upcoming true wireless earbuds. Judging from the icon, which was discovered by 9to5Mac, it looks as though the AirPods 3 will feature rubber or silicone tips – something we were hoping that Apple would bring to it’s recently upgraded Apple AirPods (2019).
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