Heroic half price, unlimited data SIM only deals from Three are finally coming to an end

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Put on your mournful face and prepare to hear some disappointing news – Three’s half price, unlimited data SIM only deal is finally coming to an end after destroying the market for the past few months.But, despite our gloomy introduction there, this is not all bad news for a few good reasons! Firstly, the offer in question still has a few days of life. Get in there quick and you can still score unlimited data at a cut price of £10 a month for the first six months of your contract.Secondly, although Three is bringing the half price bills to an end, the unlimited data contract will live on. That means if you do miss this offer you can still get unlimited data for £20 a month – still a heck of a handsome price.Three has kept the official end date of this offer quite vague, simply stating that it will end ‘after this weekend’. So, scroll down to see Three’s half price unlimited data SIM only deal in full and hurry in before it ends. Even with Black Friday just around a corner, we can’t imagine seeing a deal this good for quite a while.
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Three’s unlimited data SIM only deals:
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Why go with Three?
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