How Dell is empowering SMBs in India with a wave of innovative products and services

A business is as good as the products and services it offers. In India, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are eyeing digitisation which prove to be a $80-billion opportunity by 2024. This is according to Zinnov, a managment consultancy. In fact, more than 75 million SMBs are expected to spend between $14-$16 billion on digital technologies in 2019. This will help them create 4 million jobs by 2024. Currently, over 70% SMBs are digitally enabled and sustain 180 million people in India.Sometimes, SMB owners are so busy overseeing the day to day activities that often it leads to a slowdown in the innovation department. And innovation lies at the heart of every business, it defines SMBs and keeps one step ahead of the competition.With the help of newer technologies, SMBs can be equipped to automate critical functions like mobile phone penetration, marketing, business intelligence and social media.Dell Inc, a pioneer in e-commerce business is helping small and medium businesses ride the innovation wave with its enterprise products and services. It has transcended beyond its hardware prowess and now has a complete set of solutions and services for small and medium businesses in India.
Dell product and services for SMBs
Application Services to determine the best development stack and course for SMBs.Streamlining Big Data and Analytics to convert raw data into valuable insights.Desktop virtualisation and reduction of cycle times by outsourcing solutions.Dedicated data centers for future-proof servers, storage, networking, and more.Quick and efficient deployment of IoT initiatives that are backed by a comprehensive portfolio.Optimisation of digital technologies and support for critical business functions and systems.Training and certification for IT professionals and users to maintain technology solutions.With these services, Dell has created a platform for SMBs to grow and branch out. The company is also offering a discount of upto Rs 20,000 on online orders of its products and services.
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