How to watch American Horror Story online: stream season 9 from anywhere

We survived Murder House, Freak Show and even the Apocalypse, now it’s time to see just how twisted and scary 1984 is going to be – American Horror Story is back! From the trailers and sneak peaks that the co-creators of Glee have teased us with, 1984 is set to be a serial killers’ paradise. Not sure when or where to watch this? Don’t panic, this isn’t a life or death situation – we’ve got you covered with all the information on how, where and when to watch American Horror Story online.
American Horror Story brings you the most twisted and darkest plot-lines, combined with comedy relief and the exploration of sexuality. All of these aspects intertwined is what makes this such a gripping and thrilling series to watch. The sheer intensity of each episode rivals any great horror movie, they have all the ingredients required: violence, horror, suspense, and all the twists and turns you could possibly imagine.A series that will combine an exploration of social issues with the grimmest nightmares, AHS season 9 is set to follow the previous pattern running right through Halloween. Ryan Murphy has teased that this could be one of the last ever series (although season 10 has already been confirmed for 2020) as each season is meant to explore one of the nine circles of hell. We reckon season 9 could either be lust or violence and, from the trailer, our money’s set on the former. Not sure where to watch this screaming season? We’ve got you covered, keep reading to see where you can watch American Horror Story 1984 online
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If you find yourself outside of your country when AHS is on TV, don’t panic! We understand that you have business or leisure to attend to, or you could even be an expat – either way you don’t have to miss out on the latest horrors, you can still watch American Horror Story online using a VPN.This incredible tool can (sort of) teleport your IP address to a different place, giving you complete access to American Horror Story episodes as they go out. Now for the tricky bit, which VPN is best for you? Our personal favorite is ExpressVPN. And how do you use that to watch American Horror Story online? Keep calm (if your nerves will allow) and carry on reading to find out all you need to know.

How to watch American Horror Story online in the US:
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How to watch American Horror Story Seasons 1-8
Are you not completely up to date with all American Horror Story episodes? Don’t panic, you can still watch all seasons or episodes that you have missed and here is how.US: All 8 seasons are available to stream on Fubo TV, Google Play and Amazon Prime Video.UK: You are spoilt for choice here, you can choose to watch all 8 seasons on either Sky, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, TalkTalk TV, iTunes and/or Chili.Canada: Google Play is the way to go as it has all 8 seasons.Australia: Foxtel, Google Play, Microsoft or iTunes all have the 8 seasons available to stream.
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