How to watch Schitt’s Creek online: stream Season 6 from anywhere

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The cult Canadian sit-com is going out with a bang and you don’t have to miss a moment – here’s how to watch Schitt’s Creek season 6 online and stream every episode of the hit comedy wherever you are.Created by comedy veteran Eugene Levy (American Pie) and his son Dan, the show follows the Rose family, who are newly broke millionaires struggling with small-town life.Having initially flown under the radar outside of Canada, the show has gone on to build a steady following over the course of its six seasons, in some part thanks to its appearance on Netflix.
The riches-to-rags storyline sees the once wealthy Roses pick themselves up from being penniless in a small town they’d once bought as a joke, to eventually becoming accepted members of the quirky community. Storylines to watch out for this time out include matriarch Moira’s (played by Catherine O’Hara – Kevin’s mum in Home Alone) realisation that her status as a Hollywood actress is fading following her appearance in a film about crows, brattish daughter Alexis’ (Annie Murphy) seemingly ill-advised road-trip with veterinarian boyfriend Ted, and the show’s grand finale of the wedding between David (Dan Levy) and Patrick (Noah Reid).Keep reading to find out how to watch the concluding season of Schitt’s Creek online wherever you are.
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Watch Schitt’s Creek online from outside your country
If you find yourself away from home abroad during the lockdown and want to watch the new season of Schitt’s Creek, then make sure not to let geo-blocks stop you from getting your laughs. If you’re in a country where your domestic TV service isn’t available, utilising a VPN will allow you to watch Schitt’s Creek: season 6 online no matter where you’re situated. This simple piece of software changes your IP address, so you can access each episode live or catch-up with the series, just as if you were at home.

How to watch Schitt’s Creek: season 6 online in the US
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How to watch Schitt’s Creek: season 6 online in the UK 

How to watch Schitt’s Creek: Season 6 online in Canada

How to watch Schitt’s Creek: Season 6 online in Australia
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Watch In the US:
Stream seasons 4 on Hulu – FREE trial available
Stream season 1-3 on Netflix
Buy seasons 1-5 from Amazon Prime VideoWatch in the UK:
Stream season 1-3 on Netflix
Buy seasons 1-5 from Amazon Prime Video 
Letterkenny: Another Canadian sitcom, this show follows the residents of Letterkenny, a small rural community full of eccentrics in Ontario loosely based on show-runner Jared Keeso’s hometown of Listowel, Ontario.
Watch In the US: Stream seasons 1-8 on Hulu – FREE trial availableWatch in the UK: Buy seasons 1-7 from Amazon
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Watch in the US:
Stream season 1 on NetflixWatch in the UK: 
Stream all seasons on All 4 or Netflix