Huawei’s popular Nova 5T could be heading to the Middle East

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Huawei’s Nova series has always been focused on providing a high-end flagship smartphone experience without an intimidating price tag. With the Huawei Nova 4 (released earlier this year) Huawei once again pushed the boundaries of smartphone capability and proved they know what customers are looking for in a smartphone – looks, premium feel and innovative features – and delivered it all at a jaw-dropping price.The Nova series has particularly taken off amongst budget-conscious consumers who need powerful cameras to create social media content and those who love mobile gaming and consuming media on a big crisp display. So far every Nova phone has been able to surpass consumer expectations.So the natural question is what’s next for Huawei’s wildly successful premium mid-range lineup? A few months ago Huawei announced the Nova 5 series in China and is rumored to bring the Nova 5T to the Middle East Market.While we don’t have the full details on the phone yet, Huawei has been dropping a few hints here and there which give us a good idea of what you can look forward to with the Nova 5T.

For starters, the Nova brand itself has undergone a design refresh that we expect to be reflected in the device’s design. If we’re to go by past Nova phones, then expect something stylish and eye-catching that will make you stand out. The Nova 5T will also most likely run Android 9 with Huawei’s revamped EMUI 9.1 skin and will support your favorite and most popular apps.We can also expect a world class multi-lens camera setup, the likes of which are usually reserved for high-end and pricier devices. Huawei’s no stranger to making powerful smartphone cameras. The P30 Pro set a new standard for smartphone photography and we expect no less from the Nova 5T which will most likely boast a similar camera prowess with AI smarts to ensure your shots are a masterpiece.Another big change we’re expecting in the Nova 5T is the move to 7nm processors much like it’s current top of the line processor, the Kirin 980. This will mean that the Nova 5T will be able to process demanding AI tasks from the camera in virtually no time and deliver fast reliable performance all around from multi-tasking to graphics-intensive mobile gaming.But more importantly we expect all these exciting and premium features to come with a budget-friendly price tag. We expect more news to come in the following weeks. Expect this Super Nova to hit stores soon!