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Is your tech knowledge so good that Tim Cook calls you for help with pub quiz questions? Or do you reckon you’ve got a photographic memory for app logos? If so, we’ve got a challenge for you – The Tech(Radar) Quiz, and it’s happening today, April 23 on TechRadar’s YouTube channel.Here are the kick-off times for the live Tech(Radar) Quiz around the world:UK (BST) – 7.30pmUS (EDT) – 2.30pmUS (PDT) – 11.30amAustralia (AEST) – 4.30am (Friday, April 24)That’s right, we put together some fiendishly difficult tech-themed questions on everything from gadget history to the latest Netflix shows.Join us on YouTube and play along at home to see if you can prove your tech knowledge reigns supreme.Hosted by TechRadar’s Global Editor in Chief Gareth Beavis and Gerald Lynch (Senior Editor: Homes and Lifestyle), the quiz has four rounds – a general knowledge opener, a ‘retro tech’ round for nostalgists, the mandatory picture round, and some tricky questions on TV, games and films too.This quiz is purely for fun, so there’ll be no prizes or marked answer sheets – just grab a notes app on your phone, or a pen-and-paper for an old-school bar quiz feel, and play along with your quarantined family and friends. Oh, and please, don’t put the answers in the comments – everyone will see them!
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Rise of the virtual pub quiz
We’ve amassed no fewer than 40 things to do while you’re stuck inside in this weekend, but it’s fair to say that a virtual pub quiz is one of the best to do with your fellow quarantined friends. And while there’s no better technology quiz than our very own The Tech Pub Quiz, there are plenty of others out there covering virtually every subject.As you’ll find in our Best virtual pub quiz round-up, there are quizzes on everything from Marvel to Pop Art, via Disney and soccer. Many of them are weekly and a lot also raise for money for charity via donations, so it’s well worth taking part for that additional warm glow beyond feeling really clever.Let us know what you think of The Tech(Radar) Quiz in the Facebook and YouTube comments too, as we may well return for another episode to lift your spirits (and tax your tech knowledge) during this seemingly interminable period of lockdown. 
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