Malwarebytes launches privacy-focused new VPN

In an effort to help protect its users’ privacy online, Malwarebytes has announced the launch of a new VPN service called Malwarebytes Privacy.The company’s new VPN is the first offering in its suite of privacy products and it features a smart user interface that allows users to connect with just one click.Malwarebytes Privacy secures connections with 256-bit AES encryption and the service does not keep logs on users’ activities online.
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At launch, the service has over 180 servers in more than 30 countries so that users have plenty of options to find the fastest server for their needs.
Malwarebytes Privacy
Probably the most exciting thing about Malwarebytes’ VPN is the fact that it uses the new WireGuard VPN protocol at launch. WireGuard uses state-of-the-art cryptography and the new protocol is faster than existing VPN protocols such as OpenVPN and IPSec.Chief product officer at Malwarebytes, Akshay Bhargava explained how Malwarebytes Privacy can protect consumers from unwanted tracking online in a press release, saying:“Today you can’t go online without corporations, advertisers, and hackers trying to eavesdrop on you, and it’s feeling increasingly invasive for consumers. With a single click, Malwarebytes Privacy gives you the power to protect your online privacy by masking your IP address and online activity. As more and more people are utilizing home networks today, it’s increasingly imperative that we extend security to each and every person – no matter where they are or what network they are using – so that they can protect themselves and exert control over who gets their data, and for what purpose.”Malwarebytes Privacy is available as a yearly subscription for $59.99 and this allows you to use the service on up to five devices. However, if you’re also looking for a security solution, the company also offers a bundle which includes a one year subscription of Malwarebytes Privacy and Malwarebytes Premium for $89.99.Malwarebytes Privacy is currently only available for Windows but the company plans to also release it for Mac, Android, iOS and Chrome OS soon.
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