Official Nintendo Switch SNES controllers are now on sale

The Nintendo Switch is becoming a very capable retro console, especially if you’re into Nintendo’s own back catalogue of games. Thanks to the Nintendo Switch Online deal, you can access classic NES and SNES (Super Nintendo) games through the transforming handheld.And now, you can get a gamepad fit for the task.Joining the console’s NES wireless controller is a new, official wireless SNES gamepad, ready to take on the challenge of the recently released SNES titles that can be accessed with a Nintendo Switch Online account.
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If you’re familiar with a SNES pad, there’s little extra to learn here – you’ve the four face buttons, two top shoulder buttons and the best D-Pad ever committed to a controller. But there’s a few extra additions too – also on top are extra ZL and ZR buttons (handy for accessing the SNES games’ new Switch-themed menus), a wireless connection option and USB-C charging.All this for $29.99, with the first orders shipping out from September 18. Note also that you’ll have to be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber in order to purchase them – which makes sense, as they’d be a bit pointless without the online package’s SNES games to play with them. Orders are limited to four controllers per account holder.Right now it appears sales are limited to North America, but with the UK and EU variants already revealed by Nintendo, it can’t be long before they’re up on the storefront, too.
The SNES is the best games console of all time, ever