Pay under £200 for the cheapest Samsung Galaxy A40 deal around at Amazon

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It’s not even Black Friday and Amazon has already offered a smartphone treat – the Samsung Galaxy A40 at the cheapest price around. Amazon is offering the Samsung Galaxy A40 SIM-free meaning you won’t have to be tied to a phone contract, paying off your phone every month. This smartphone, which has an RRP of £219 is on offer for £186.20 exclusively on So if you’re interested in a Samsung phone deal  without being tied to a contract this could be ideal for you.It may not be as new as other 2019 flagship Samsung devices, but with its full HD+ screen, 64GB storage, fingerprint scanner and dual camera it’s still a pretty decent smartphone…especially at this price! You can get the full offer explained below, or if you do happen to want the phone on a contract make sure to check out our Samsung Galaxy A40 deals guide.We don’t have a specific end date for this offer, but with the price Amazon is offering, it’s quite possible the smartphone will sell out before the retailer launches its other Amazon Black Friday deals.
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See Amazon’s ace Samsung Galaxy A40 offer in full: 
Does this sound good to you? It is an excellent price for a smartphone packed with ace features.The great thing about Amazon’s offer is that the phone comes without a SIM so you don’t have to be tied to a long contract. However we understand that despite the discount it is a lot to pay upfront. So that means you can get into our SIM only deals guide instead, to get the best cheap calls, texts and data offers in the UK – you could get your data, minutes and texts for as little as £4 a month.
Is the Samsung Galaxy A40 any good?
It isn’t brand new or part of the best smartphones, but it is a solid device. It offers all the features you need in a mobile including dual camera, 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution, a headphone jack, fingerprint scanner and 64GB of storage. It won’t offer anything exciting or flagship specs, but at this price we’re happy to let that go.Is it the phone for you? Check out our Samsung Galaxy A40 review
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