Paying for Spotify Premium? You can get a Google Home Mini for free

Spotify has brought back one of its best freebies for Spotify Premium users, offering a free Google Home Mini to those who claim the deal in good time.It’s not just a perk for new sign-ups either, meaning that anyone who currently has and pays for a Premium plan can get the miniature smart speaker sent to them – though only for those of you in the US. For the first time, individual Premium subscribers are eligible alongside those on the Family plan too.The Family plan is a pretty cost-effective away to pay less for Spotify Premium – the ad-free option – with a sizable discount for each person added to the plan. While a Premium subscription usually costs $9.99 per user, the Family plan allows you to add up to five other relatives or flatmates for only $14.99, for a total six users.
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There’s no end date specified, though a blog post by Spotify says the deal will be active “while supplies last”, meaning you could have a few weeks or a few hours depending on how much stock Spotify has put aside for the promotion. For context, a similar promotion from 2018 ran through November and December.You can claim your free Google Home Mini on Spotify’s Family or Premium sign-up pages here.
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It’s notable that Spotify is rolling out is promotion to more subscribers than before, though the 2017 Google Home Mini is now a year older than when the promotion started – and there’s an upgraded model on the block, the Google Nest Mini.There’s a host of new Amazon Echo products that were announced at September’s launch event, including a new Amazon Echo Dot with Clock, Alexa-enabled smart glasses, and an Amazon Echo Studio model with Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers.But with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, you can expect a number of deals on older smart home devices across the board – even if Spotify’s offer of a free model is hard to pass up.
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