PS4 Pro deals back in stock: 4K gaming with free games now available

As demand has risen and stock depleted, PS4 Pro bundle deals have been increasingly difficult to get hold of over the past few weeks. That all changes today, however, with the latest replenishment of 4K gaming stock pushing us into a weekend of premium gaming. You’ll find PS4 Pro deals that include free games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and FIFA 20 now available at the standard £349 bundle price – a vast improvement over the inflated costs some retailers were offering in the face of such a demand surge. All of that means you can get your hands on the 4K console with a fantastic game (or two in the case of this Argos offer) just in time for the weekend. Not in the UK? We’re rounding up our favourite PS4 Pro deals across the world further down the page. 
The latest PS4 Pro bundle deals
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