Score some cheap monthly bills with this exclusive Samsung Galaxy S10e deal

The smallest of the S10 series, the Samsung Galaxy S10e manages to pack a mean punch at a smaller price tag to its bigger brothers. And, if that reduced price tag is the main draw for you with this phone, we have the perfect offer for you.Taking an already affordable Samsung Galaxy S10e deal and cutting the price even further, this offer is ideal for those who don’t like big bills each month. Simply enter the code TECH20 at the checkout and you’ll drop the upfront cost down to £150.While that upfront cost might still seem high even after it’s cut down, the monthly price is what really makes this deal. At £25 a month, this works out as one of the cheapest S10e contracts around.On top of all that, you’re getting a healthy 6GB of data, enough to get you through most people’s monthly data usage. You can see this offer in full down below or if it doesn’t quite live up to your hopes and dreams, check out our guide to the best mobile phone deals for everything else. 
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This Samsung Galaxy S10e deal in full:
What’s so good about the Samsung Galaxy S10e?
The cheapest of Samsung’s trio of S10 devices, the S10e mixes affordability with some excellent specs. You’re getting a 3100mAh battery to keep you going well over a day, an IP68 rating, a daul camera set-up and a full AMOLED display, this is everything Samsung does best in a neat, affordable package.
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