Slash the upfront spend with these superb Sky broadband deals

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Sky remains one of the UK’s most popular ISPs, giving competition to the likes of BT and Virgin. And if you’re looking to get your hands on a Sky broadband deal, we’ve got an offer here to help you save on the cost.With both of Sky’s broadband only plans – Essential and Superfast – you can completely wipe away the upfront costs. That means a saving of £19.95 on both options. And the great news here is that this is exclusive to you readers of only a few websites – you won’t even find these offers directly through Sky!Of the two available plans, Sky’s Superfast Fibre feels like the better value, scoring you speeds averaging 60Mb for just £27 a month. If that feels too high, there is also the Broadband Essential option with ADSL speeds for £22 a month.Now…for the catch. Because of the events of the UK-wide lockdown, engineers are unable to do visits in the same way as before. That means if you don’t already have a phone line set up in your house, it might be a good few months until you can get Sky. If you need something temporary until then, 4G home broadband could help.
Broadband deals: compare all of the top options

This exclusive Sky broadband deal:
What other broadband deals are there?
There are plenty of great internet offers right now. BT for example has its Fibre 1 plan with speeds averaging 51Mb for just £28.99. On top of that, BT throws in a £60 Mastercard for a bit of extra value.But the best value internet plans seem to come from TalkTalk and Vodafone right now. With TalkTalk you’re getting speeds averaging 68Mb for just £21.95. Vodafone on the other hand is £22.95 for similar speeds of 64Mb but existing Vodafone customers can drop those bills even lower.