TalkTalk’s super cheap broadband deal guarantees bills under £18 for 18 months

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The broadband deals market is inundated with options ranging from the blisteringly fast to plans bursting with free goodies. But amongst all of speed demon packages and freebie tempting options, sometimes just a cheap broadband deal is all we need to get excited. If your use of the internet is limited to checking the internet, doing a bit of YouTube watching here and there and doing emails, fibre will be a bit of a waste of money. Why pay those bigger bills when you could spend under £18 a month for TalkTalk’s ADSL package?Along with its primary sell of being, well…cheap, TalkTalk is guaranteeing its price for the 18 months that you’re signed up to them – you will not see a price rise in that period at all. That means that the £17.95 bills you’re paying at the start is what you’ll be paying at the end.With prices this cheap, you can then save your money for more important things, like getting some bargains in the upcoming Black Friday sales. We’ve listed everything you’ll need to know about this offer below.
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TalkTalk’s great value cheap broadband deal:
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If your mind is firmly set on getting cheap broadband deals, you can go even cheaper than this. The Post Office currently offers a plan that will only cost you £15.90 a month. Or, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, if the speeds above are too slow then fibre broadband deals might be better suited for you. Going with BT can get you impressive speeds of 50Mb for just £28.99 and you’ll even get an £80 gift card to go along with it.If you want your fibre even cheaper, Vodafone will be the place to be. Offering its faster fibre package with speeds averaging 63Mb for just £23 a month, Vodafone is a hard competition to beat for pure value. And it’s even cheaper if you’re an existing Vodafone mobile customer.