Technology in education: The latest products and trends (free PDF)

The education market has become a prime target for the biggest tech players. This ebook looks at what Apple, Google, and Microsoft are doing to gain an edge in the world of education technology.
From the ebook:
The education market has become a little more interesting, as Apple has stepped up its software and app game to manage the student and teacher experience. It recently launched a new $299 iPad for schools with Apple Pencil support.
The big question is whether Apple is too late to close in on Google’s lead in the education market that is pushing 60 percent market share.
Simply put, the stakes are high. Frost & Sullivan said the education market generated $17.7 billion in revenue for technology vendors. Of that sum, Google, Microsoft, and Apple accounted for nearly 83 percent of the revenue pie. Frost & Sullivan, however, said that the market is shifting, and the battleground is moving toward augmented reality and virtual reality content and tools, AI and robotics, and analytics.
Here’s a look at the key players in the education market and their core strengths.