The first third-party gamepads for Nintendo Switch Lite have arrived

Devised as a portable handheld-only alternative to the original Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite lacks the detachable Joy Con controllers that made the modular console so unique in the first place, making it less than ideal for multiplayer.That said, the Switch Lite does support Bluetooth controllers, meaning you can prop the portable console up and use it as a screen while you sit back with a pair of gamepads and duke it out with a friend – why you would want to do this instead of buying an original Nintendo Switch is beyond us, but at least the option is there.
The cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite prices and bundle dealsNintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite: is bigger really better?Nintendo Switch Lite cannot output to a TV – even with hacks and modsWith reports now suggesting that Nintendo’s new Switch Lite also suffers from Joy-Con drift, maybe picking up some Bluetooth controllers isn’t such a bad idea after all. Luckily, third-party peripheral maker 8Bitdo has already dropped some Bluetooth gamepads which perfectly match the aesthetics of the yellow and turquoise versions of the handheld. 
Available from October 30, 2019 on Amazon from October 30, 2019 for $25 (around £20 / AU$37), the 8BitDo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad for Nintendo Switch Lite has a USB-C port for easy charging via the Switch Lite’s existing power cable. Additionally, the Switch Lite-styled third-party controller is also compatible with Windows, Steam and Rasperry Pi.Bafflingly, 8Bitdo’s Bluetooth Gamepad for Switch Lite forgoes the handheld’s thumbsticks in favor of dual d-pads, which seems like an especially awkward way to play 3D games if you ask us.Of course, if money isn’t an issue and you’re the type who values practicality over aesthetics, you could opt for a Nintendo Switch Pro controller instead. [source: 8Bitdo] Protect your Nintendo Switch Lite with an official Flip Cover case