Upgraded Bang & Olufsen headphones control your tunes hands-free

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Bang & Olufsen is well known for combining audio fidelity with luxe, fashion-forward design, and it’s latest headphones, the Beoplay H4, are no exception. Now upgraded to include support for voice assistance as well as a more refined look, these wireless headphones contain some truly smart tech beneath their glossy exterior.
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When they were originally launched a couple of years ago, the BeoPlay H4 headphones were the brand’s cheapest over-ear model and, and offered a solid sonic performance (except for some issues with overpowering bass frequencies). Bang & Olufsen don’t seem to have made any changes to the sound with the newly upgraded H4s, instead focussing on design and the convenience of built-in support for voice assistants.

What’s new?
For starters, there’s a dedicated button that you press and hold to summon your device’s voice assistant, whether you use Alexa or Google Assistant. This allows you to ask for your favorite song, get news updates, skip tracks, and more – all through your voice alone. There’s also a slider button to turn the headphones on and off. Making calls should be easier with the new Beoplay H4s, thanks to an additional microphone that’s designed to improve voice quality. You should also find that watching videos is more seamless, with support for aptX low latency technology for better synchronization between picture and audio.Bang & Olufsen has made some aesthetic changes as well, including a sleeker braided cable and a new anodized aluminum disc on the outer housings of the headphones, which contrasts beautifully with the other materials. A word of warning on the materials; these headphones are not suitable for anyone who avoids using animal products, as the ear cushions and headband are made from lambskin. We’re sure it’s very soft, but it’s by no means vegan-friendly. Being made from premium materials, these Bang & Olufsen headphones aren’t exactly cheap, despite being an entry-point to the luxurious brand’s range. They’re available to buy for £250 / $300, which works out at around AU$440, the same price as their predecessors. The launch of an upgraded model means that we’re likely to see Bang & Olufsen headphone deals over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, the original H4s are already discounted in some stores – check out the deals below for more information.
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