The best Verizon phones available in October 2019

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The best Verizon phones just got easier to find, because we’re here to help you know figure out which smartphones are either premium picks worth the high price tag or excellent value devices that won’t let you down.We’ve tested the best smartphones and the best cheap smartphones, and we’ve compared our findings to what Verizon has on offer. We’ve also taken into consideration the deals Verizon offers on its phones. So, whether you’re looking to switch to Verizon and take advantage of new customer discounts and trade-in deals, or you’re an existing customer looking for an upgrade, we’ll help you figure out which phones are worth your while.We’ll go over what each phone has to offer, and which discounts Verizon offers on them to sweeten the deal. This way, you can be sure you’re money is well spent, and you’re not missing out on an opportunity to save a little bit more.
Best Verizon phones at a glance:
Best of the Best: Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusBest Apple Phone: iPhone XS MaxBest Android: Google Pixel 3Best value phone: iPhone 6SBest affordable phone: Moto E5 PlayGo straight there: Verizon’s phone pageFind your plan: The best Verizon Wireless plans available this monthSee also: 10 best smartphones in the US
Verizon phones: Your options explained
How TechRadar has found the best Verizon phone for youFrom premium to budget, and Android to iOS, we’ve looked at the phones Verizon has to offer and determined which are the best options in a number of categories. These choices are based on the value of the phones compared with the price Verizon is charging. Whatever your needs, you should be able to find something that fits in this list.We’re also approaching the time where Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals are coming our way – and we’re expecting that a few cases deals might start popping up then. So if you think you’re OK to wait and not damage your device, you could save some cash – but if the worst does happen then perhaps bookmark our Black Friday iPhone deals page… it could save you a heap of cash. 

Understanding your purchasing options
The phones listed here are all available on an installment plan from Verizon that allows you to pay for the device over a set 24-month term. We’ll include the installment price so you can clearly understand what your bill for the phones will look like. If you’re also looking for a new Verizon plan, check out our rundown of the best plans the carrier has to offer.

The best Verizon phones for every budget:
Image Credit: TechRadarIf you want some of the design and a lot of the performance for a lower price, you can also check out the Samsung Galaxy S10e
For a similar experience at a cheaper price, you can also consider the iPhone XR from Verizon

Picking your plan
Once you’ve found the phone you want, make sure you find the best Verizon plan. You’ll want to see all the plan options Verizon has available to you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the most for your money,
If you want more phone recommendations check our list of the best smartphones we’ve tested.