Vodafone broadband deals top the fibre market…especially for its mobile users

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Picking your next internet plan is a pain. You’ve been inundated with broadband deals, all with differing incentives, price tags and average speeds and now you’ve somehow got to narrow that choice down. Well, we’re here to help.Currently for those looking to get a hold of a new fibre broadband deal, one ISP that really stands out is Vodafone. Offering two packages – Superfast 1 and Superfast 2 – Vodafone has some of the best price points in the fibre market right now.And if you happen to be a Vodafone mobile customer as well, then you’re luck is doubled! You can get these fibre broadband deals even cheaper. We personally think the Superfast Fibre 1 with its average speeds of 35Mb and £22 a month pricing (£20 for Vodafone customers) is the way to go but an extra fiver each month will get you the faster speeds if needed.Whichever of the two packages tempts you more, we’ve listed both below so you can choose. Or head over to our broadband deals guide to see how these options compare to everything else.
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Vodafone’s fibre broadband deals:
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Not interested in Vodafone? No problem, there are a host of other great fibre broadband deals out there right now. For those that want something cheaper, Onestream will be the best choice.Offering fibre for just £18.99, no one can touch this package for overall price. However, this package falls somewhere in-between fibre and ADSL, offering average speeds of just 17Mb.

Too slow? Another great option for your internet is BT. Offering speeds averaging 50Mb for just £28.99, BT is looking good right now, especially with the addition of a £40 gift card.Or, simply for Vodafone’s closest competition, TalkTalk can offer average speeds of 38Mb for just £22.45 – perfect for non-Vodafone customers or someone who wants a different provider but a similar package.Read more:
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