5G: everything you need to know

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What is 5G?
5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before.Combining cutting-edge network technology and the very latest research, 5G should offer connections that are multitudes faster than current connections, with average download speeds of around 1GBps expected to soon be the norm.The networks will help power a huge rise in Internet of Things technology, providing the infrastructure needed to carry huge amounts of data, allowing for a smarter and more connected world.5G networks are already starting to appear and are expected to launch across the world by 2020, working alongside existing 3G and 4G technology to provide speedier connections that stay online no matter where you are.

When will 5G launch?
In the USVerizon surprised most of the world by launching its 5G network at the start of April 2019, making it the first globally to offer the next-generation network.It’s currently only available in limited parts of Chicago and a few other locations, and there are just two handsets currently available to use on the new 5G network.In Chicago, US we’ve managed to obtain speeds of up to 1.4Gbps, which is massively faster than 4G’s theoretical top speed of 300Mbps (although average speeds tend to be below 100Mbps). However, 5G coverage is patchy and we had to move around the city’s various 5G masts to get this top speed. We did tend to get around 1Gbps quite consistently though.5G in London, UK is more of a mixed bag, with speeds in our test ranging from 200Mbps to 550Mbps – still much quicker than 4G, but not the same level as we are seeing in Chicago.
Hands on with the world’s first 5G phoneAll the phones available on Verizon 5GAT&T has rolled out its 5G network to 19 cities across the States, but it still doesn’t offer any 5G phones – with your only option for now a 5G Netgear Nitehawk mobile hotspot.Meanwhile, T-Mobile is yet to launch its 5G network in the US, but it previously said it would bring 5G to 30 cities, starting in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Las Vegas.
T-Mobile 5G: what we know so farIn the UKEE was the first UK carrier to launch its 5G network, switching it on in six cities on May 30 2019. It has promised to bring 5G to 10 further cities by the end of 2019.It was followed by Vodafone on July 3, 2019, when it launched 5G in seven cities, rolling out to a further eight towns and cities on July 17.Next up was Three, which launched a 5G service in London on August 19, however, there’s a catch – it’s initially only available for home broadband. However, it will be coming to mobile later this year, as well as to 24 more towns and cities.O2 meanwhile is the only major UK network not to have any sort of 5G service yet, but it plans to roll 5G out in October.
5G in the UK: everything you need to knowThe best 5G phone deals in the UKThe best Samsung Galaxy S10 5G deals in the UKIn AustraliaTelstra’s 5G coverage went live as of May, 2019, with the launch of the first 5G smartphone in Australia – the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – and Optus has now joined in.At the time, Telstra coverage was limited to 10 major cities and regions and, within those regions, was somewhat limited and patchy. This includes Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Toowoomba.The rollout continues, however, and coverage is steadily increasing for both major telcos. For a detailed and up-to-date map on coverage across Australia, check out Telstra’s dedicated 5G page as well as the Optus 5G page.

What 5G phones are available?
Image Credit: TechRadarA number of 5G phone announcements have been made in 2019, however only a handful are currently available, and the choice is further limited by country and carrier.In the US, Motorola’s 5G Moto Mod provides next-generation connectivity to a select few Moto Z handsets, plus the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is also available.For those in the UK, you can currently get hold of six 5G phones; the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Oppo Reno 5G, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, and the LG V50 ThinQ 5G. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G is also available for pre-order at the time of writing.In Australia, five 5G smartphones are currently available. The Oppo Reno 5G for AU$1,499, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G for AU$1,399, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G for AU$1,999, and the LG V50 ThinQ 5G for AU$1,729. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is available in both 256GB and 512GB configurations for $1,849 and $2,199 respectively.
All the 5G phones we know about so far
How fast is 5G?
5G speeds will vary between locations, countries, carriers and devices, but on the whole the average internet speed you can expect should be much greater than what’s currently offered on 4G.We’ve been testing the first 5G networks in the US, UK, and Australia, and have found speeds to be a little bit of a mixed bag.
5G speed test: 1.4Gbps in Chicago24 hours with the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G: the UK’s first 5G phone5G – the latest news
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– 5G is coming…is your business prepared?15/04 – NETWORKS – Trump vows not to nationalise 5G as FCC makes funding and spectrum available – FCC to auction 3400MHz of spectrum…12/04 – NETWORKS – O2 switches on 5G spectrum to power connected car tests – AutoAir tests connected and autonomous vehicle technology…11/04 – NETWORKS – BT boosts network capacity to cope with FTTP and 5G data growth – BT first to use Nokia 7750 SR-s platform…10/04 – DEVICES – Exclusive: We could see a Black Shark 5G phone before the end of the year – Embracing cloud gaming…10/04 – DEVICES – Google Stadia may be the first good use for 5G phones – You could soon be playing AAA games on your smartphone…10/04 – NETWORKS – Mobile industry pushes 5G as EU debates Wi-Fi standard for connected cars – GSMA says Wi-Fi is old technology…10/04 – OPINION – 5G’s impact on the future of work – How the next generation of wireless technology will empower fontline workers…09/04 – NETWORKS – AT&T just opened 5G in seven more cities, still doesn’t have a 5G phone –  Hotspot or bust…08/04 – DEVICES – The world’s first 5G phone: our hands-on with the future of smartphones – Impressions from our five days with the first 5G phone you can buy…08/04 – DEVICES – Apple’s iPhone 2020 may have 5G trouble, but Huawei is eager to help – If Intel can’t deliver, and Apple and Qualcomm can’t make up…05/04 – NETWORKS – Huawei 5G ban could cost UK economy £6.8bn – Report says ban would damage UK 5G leadership bid…04/04 – DEVICES – Samsung starts mass production of 5G chips – Next-generation modem and RF receivers go into production…03/04 – NETWORKS – 5G set to deliver £15.7bn in business revenue by 2025 – Barclays says conditions must be right…02/04 – ANALYSIS – The future of cybersecurity in a 5G-connected world – With more endpoints comes more ways a hacker can penetrate your network…26/03 – NETWORKS – Ofcom confirms 5G, USO and rural 4G among priorities for 2019 – Regulator issues update for industry…25/03 – NETWORKS – EU ‘won’t ban’ Huawei from 5G networks – EU wants member states to share cybersecurity data instead…21/03 – NETWORKS – Three increases annual revenues ahead of 5G launch – Operator says 2018 was solid foundational year…14/03 – DEVICES – What will future 5G smartphones look like? – Industry experts believe a new era is upon us…13/03 – NETWORKS – Verizon to launch mobile 5G next month – Verizon set to launch first 5G mobile broadband service…13/03 – DEVICES – Nissan uses 5G to put an augmented reality co-driver in your passenger seat – A virtual companion for lonely road trips…12/03 – NETWORKS – Germany makes private 5G spectrum available for industry – IIoT gets boost with local network pledge…11/03 – NETWORKS – Germany won’t ban Huawei but tightens rules for all 5G vendors – Ministers and regulator say they don’t want to ban Huawei…08/03 – ANALYSIS – 5G and a better-connected world – Turning the next generation of wireless into a reality…07/03 – NETWORKS – Vodafone UK expands 5G launch to 19 towns and cities – More locations named ahead of commercial launch…07/03 – NETWORKS – 15m Brits would switch to 5G now – But 5G adoption will be slower than 4G, says Deloitte…06/03 – NETWORKS – Five Eyes “needs major 5G vendor” – Former Australian Prime Minister warns Five Eyes nations on 5G security…03/03 – DEVICES – Why have so many 5G phones been launched already this year? 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– Samsung beats rivals to 5G smartphone…22/02 – ANALYSIS – Huawei: We make it cheaper and simpler to deploy 5G – Head of carrier business touts benefits of 5G kit ahead of MWC…21/02 – NETWORKS – 5G could solve major 4G congestion – Current 4G download speeds differ greatly depending on country and time of day…21/02 – DEVICES – Gemalto makes 5G SIM card available to operators – Gemalto pitches “world-first” 5G SIM card…21/02 – NETWORKS – O2 5G confirmed to launch in these four cities in 2019 – O2 5G will go live in UK capitals this year…20/12 – NETWORKS – 5G will account for a quarter of UK mobile data traffic by 2022 – UK will be second only to the US in 5G…20/02 – NETWORKS – Vodafone ‘world-first’ connects smartphones to 5G network – Vodafone connects handset in Barcelona ahead of MWC next week…19/02 – DEVICES – You may want to hold off buying a 5G phone until 2020 – This second generation 5G modem will make a difference…19/02 – NETWORKS – Three trials cloud core 5G network with staff – Full rollout expected later in 2019…19/02 – ANALYSIS – Does sports content hold the key to 5G adoption? – Tokyo Olympics and Euro 2020 could be first time many experience 5G…18/02 – NETWORKS – UK ‘doesn’t need to ban’ Huawei 5G kit – Huawei’s 5G equipment is a ‘manageable risk’, NCSC apparently claims…18/02 – NETWORKS – Vodafone UK switches on first 5G airport – Manchester Airport upgraded to superfast speeds for consumers to try out 5G…15/02 – NETWORKS – Three brings 5G to the catwalk and its flagship store – Three shows off 5G to consumers at London Fashion Week…13/02 – NETWORKS – UK switches on first 5G factory trials – Worcestershire 5G testbed goes live…11/02 – NETWORKS – Sprint sues AT&T over ‘5GE’ claim – Rivals clash in 5G row…11/02 – ANALYSIS – AI, 5G and the race to completely autonomous vehicles – Now is the time to implement a data-centric architecture…08/02 – NETWORKS – Trump anticipated to ban 5G networks from using Chinese tech – An executive order is expected to come before MWC…07/02 – DEVICES – Vodafone trials 5G form factor device with Ericsson and Qualcomm – Operator takes step forward in 5G development…06/02 – NETWORKS – US urges EU to reconsider role of Huawei in 5G – US ramps up pressure on Huawei with stark warning…05/02 – NETWORKS – Ericsson joins O-RAN to drive intelligent 5G radio development – Ericsson extends commitment to open standards…04/02 – NETWORKS – GSMA suggests Huawei 5G talks at MWC – Industry concerned at Huawei 5G exclusion following long-term controversies…01/02 – DEVICES – Huawei 5G foldable phone teased in MWC 2019 press conference invite – Our first look at the world’s first foldable 5G phone…31/01 – ANALYSIS – Investing in a 5G future: The role of MNOs – 5G’s 2020 rollout is fast approaching…31/01 – NETWORKS – Nokia predicts staggered demand for 5G kit in 2019 – Nokia reports increased revenue and profit in Q4…31/01 – DEVICES – 5G phones: these are going to be the first next-gen handsets – The new 5G phones of 2019 and beyond…31/01 – DEVICES – LG hints strongly at 5G foldable phones for 2019 – Taking the fight to Samsung’s Galaxy X…28/01 – NETWORKS – Chinese EU Ambassador says Huawei 5G ban would be ‘self-defeating’ – Senior diplomat dismisses security fears as fabrications…25/01 – DEVICES – Huawei says it’ll show off a foldable 5G phone at MWC 2019 – The world’s first 5G phone with a foldable screen…24/01 – HARDWARE – Huawei reveals 5G modem and base station chips – Huawei chips will ease deployment and widen support…22/01 – NETWORKS – Vodafone and O2 team up on 5G network sharing – Two operators look at options for mast infrastructure as they extend network sharing deal to cover 5G…17/01 – NETWORKS – Huawei faces US probe as Germany considers 5G options – US DoJ reportedly accuses Huawei of trade secret theft…14/01 – NETWORKS – US government shutdown is threat to 5G rollout – Industry body warns about impact of FCC shutdown…14/01 – HARDWARE – Intel wants to be your one-stop shop for 5G – Intel VP tells us that “5G runs on Intel”…14/01 – DEVICES – Apple looks at Samsung and MediaTek modems for 5G iPhone – Latest revelations from Qualcomm’s antitrust trial…12/01 – DEVICES – iPhone 11 tipped to have faster Wi-Fi, but 5G might have to wait – Better speeds for the 2019 iPhones?11/01 – NETWORKS – Ericsson tests strengthen wireless backhaul’s suitability for 5G – Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom trials achieve ‘fibre-like’ performance…10/01 – NETWORKS – T-Mobile continues US 5G crusade with 600MHz call tests – T-Mobile completes multi-band call tests with Ericsson and Intel…09/01 – DEVICES – 5G and fixed displays to drive smartphone sales in 2019 – Research suggests 5G might be silver bullet…09/01 – NETWORKS – AT&T claims advanced 4G is ‘5G’ – Software update claims advanced 4G is 5G Evolution…08/01 – DEVICES – 5G can be tonic for smartphone saturation – GSMA Intelligence finds 80 per cent of developed world owns a smartphone…08/01 – HARDWARE – Intel targets 5G base stations with ‘Snow Ridge’ chips – Intel hopes edge computing advantage will pay off…08/01 – NETWORKS – The Galaxy S10 isn’t at CES 2019, but Samsung’s 5G plans are here – Samsung Galaxy S10 is here in pieces if you look closely…06/01 – DEVICES – Byton confirms M-Byte car will be available in 2019 with AI, 5G and 48-inch display – That’s a whole lot of screen…04/01 – ANALYSIS – What to expect from 5G at CES 2019 – 5G could be the star of the show at CES 2019…
Selected 2018 5G news
24/12 – ANALYSIS – Three CEO: Capacity, not speed is the true 5G revolution – Dave Dyson talks up Three’s 5G strategy…19/12 – NETWORKS – ‘Strong’ business demand for 5G could be tempered by network transformation – Gartner says operator focus is on consumer applications…17/12 – ANALYSIS – The coming 5G revolution – How the next generation of mobile connectivity will bring emerging technologies to life…14/12 – NETWORKS – 5G could add billions to world GDP – Unlocking the right 5G spectrum will make all the difference…13/12 – NETWORKS – Huawei will do ‘anything’ to be trusted 5G partner – Huawei says if there’s anything it can do to ease security concerns, it will do it…10/12 – NETWORKS – Vodafone to use manhole covers to improve 4G and 5G – Vodafone hopes street level infrastructure will improve network…10/12 – ANALYSIS – 5G is just the beginning for the future of smartphones – The future of mobile looks promising…06/12 – ANALYSIS – Vodafone Business rebrand highlights strategic focus in 5G era – Vodafone Enterprise is now Vodafone Business…06/12 – NETWORKS – We need rigorous 5G testing before we get in the driverless car – Autonomous vehicles will rely heavily on next generation networks…05/12 – NETWORKS – How 5G technologies can be implemented more efficiently – Knowing where to place ‘small cells’ will make all the difference…04/12 – NETWORKS – Arqiva and CityFibre to build 5G small cell network in London – Hammersmith & Fulham will host UK’s largest pilot to date…03/12 – NETWORKS – Three Korean operators launch 5G networks – Operators bring forward South Korea 5G launch…29/11 – NETWORKS – 5G will require mobile operators to rethink the role of Wi-Fi – Operators may need to de-prioritise Wi-Fi in 5G era…27/11 – NETWORKS – 5G will have ‘fastest ever’ global rollout – Ericsson Mobility Report says Europe will fall behind without market changes…22/11 – NETWORKS – Nokia creates Access Networks Division for end-to-end 5G – Nokia hopes organisational changes will give it 5G advantage…20/11 – HARDWARE – Huawei urges operators to trust its 5G vision as it shifts 10,000 base stations – Huawei Chairman Ken Hu details ‘Cloud X’ vision…20/11 – NETWORKS – Three: 5G wireless broadband can be genuine alternative to fibre – Three-commissioned report touts price-saving benefits of 5G FWA…16/11 – ANALYSIS – 2025: the year of 5G entertainment – Intel’s Alex Gledhill tells us how 5G can benefit all areas of work and life…15/11 – RESEARCH – Samsung invests $22bn in AI and 5G – Korean tech giant aims to control 20 per cent of the network equipment market…15/11 – NETWORKS – US begins auction of 5G spectrum – US operators bid for high range spectrum to power mobile broadband services..15/11 – HARDWARE – German government ‘urged’ to consider Huawei 5G ban – Reports suggest push could have come too late…08/11 – POLICY – Ofcom CTO: Spectrum and security are biggest 5G challenges – Ofcom CTO Mansoor Hanif discusses the barriers to fulfilling 5G potential…07/11 – NETWORKS – How 5G will enable the next generation of IoT deployments – Canonical head tells us why next-generation networks are the key to innovation…07/11 – NETWORKS – Three reveals £2bn UK 5G investment – 5G set to be a “game-changer” in the UK says Three CEO Dave Dyson…06/11 – NETWORKS – GSMA: Operators need prime spectrum to fulfill 5G potential – Industry body publishes paper ahead of WRC-19…05/11 – NETWORKS – 5G operator revenues to reach £230bn by 2025 – Research suggests £46bn in 5G R&D will be well spent…03/11 – DEVICES – Apple tipped to launch a 5G iPhone in 2020 – Super-fast speeds on the way…

31/10 – NETWORKS – BT CTO: Convergence of fibre, 5G and Wi-Fi will create ‘one network to rule them all’ – Howard Watson believes convergence will be a key differentiatior in telecoms…26/10 – NETWORKS – Trump lays out US 5G strategy – Order looks to ease progress towards 5G network deployment in the US…22/10 – NETWORKS – EU could back Wi-Fi over 5G for connected cars – Draft proposals could see Wi-Fi rules set before 5G…17/10 – PRODUCTS – Samsung buys Zhilabs to power 5G analytics – Samsung’s 5G efforts continue with purchase of analytics experts…16/10 – NETWORKS – European mobile giants urge pro-5G investment policies – Leading CEOs urge EU regulators to consider importance of connectivity…12/10 – PRODUCTS – New Nokia kit promises more rapid and effective 5G FWA deployments – Operators can get new high gain antennas and gateways…12/10 – NETWORKS – Deutsche Telekom plots 99 per cent 5G coverage by 2025 – German operator details plans for 5G rollout…01/10 – INNOVATION – Samsung partners with AT&T to build a 5G tech lab – Facility will research ways 5G could improve manufacturing…26/09 – ANALYSIS – Could 5G networks herald the arrival of a four-day work week? Increased productivity as a result of 5G powered technologies could disrupt the traditional work week…25/09 – DEVICES – Manufacturers hope 5G and foldable displays will drive smartphone growth – Analysts believe the smartphone will be unrecognisable by 2027…12/09 – NETWORKS – T-Mobile signs $3.5bn 5G network deal with Ericsson – T-Mobile secures second major 5G equipment deal…07/09 – FEATURE – Inside the 5G factory: How Nokia’s research aids its own production – Nokia’s Oulu facility has been involved in every generation of mobile technology…05/09 – NETWORKS – San Marino will have Europe’s first 5G network – Microstate will be a testbed for TIM…
31/08 – ANALYSIS – Golf’s digital ambitions make it an unlikely 5G pioneer – Golf looks to new technologies – including 5G…30/08 – DEVICES – Larger screens and 5G to drive smartphone growth through to 2022 – Smartphone market ‘generally healthy’ despite recent dip…23/08 – ANALYSIS – Huawei & ZTE banned from Australia 5G networks – Australian government says 5G architecture makes it too risky…22/08 – NETWORKS – Speed takes centre stage as operators ramp up 5G testing – Report suggests 82 per cent of mobile operators worldwide are testing 5G…07/08 – NETWORKS – US set to lose out to China in 5G race – Deloitte report urges policymakers to promote investment… 23/07 – REGULATION – UK Government promises new regulations and investment for full fibre and 5G – Government report outlines plans to deliver fibre to entire UK by 2033…20/07 – NETWORKS – Barriers to 5G could stop UK being a global leader – BSG report identifies issues and resolutions…28/06 – NETWORKS – “World’s first” 5G network launches – Finnish operator Elisa claims global first in launching a commercial 5G network…27/06  – ANALYSIS – The World Cup and 5G: the trials you need to know about – 5G will change how you watch football forever…25/06 – NETWORKS – UK ‘needs shared spectrum’ for 5G – Ofcom urged to rethink 5G spectrum auction to ensure fairer rollout…19/06 – NETWORKS – Mobile signal woes ‘strengthens’ business case for 5G – Only half of mobile users in the UK are happy with their speeds, but willing to pay more for faster service…13/06 – NETWORKS – Vodafone: 5G smartphone uncertainty means focus on core network and IoT – Vodafone UK CTO says 5G will be a gamechanger, but smartphone innovation in the 4G era won’t be matched…01/06 – ANALYSIS – 5G UK – How far away are we really? – 5G will deliver immediate benefits in 2019, but the true mobile revolution will take time…

 25/05 – POLICY – Mobile industry ‘shouldn’t wait’ for 5G to roll out small cells – Small cells will be essential for delivering the 5G vision but industry warns there is no time too wait…16/05 – NETWORKS – Mobile IoT networks to be a ‘core component’ of 5G – GSMA says NB-IoT and LTE-M deployments are paving the way for massive IoT powered by 5G…08/05 – PRODUCTS – Why self-driving vehicles could be the biggest winner in a 5G world – Telefónica tells us why autonomous vehicles are set to be a key 5G use case…05/04 – NETWORKS – Mobile networks fork out £1.4bn for 5G spectrum – Ofcom publishes the results of its 5G spectrum auction, revealing that the UK’s biggest mobile network operators spent almost £1.4 billion…28/03 – NETWORKS – 5G RuralFirst looks at smart farming, spectrum sharing and broadcasting – Government funded project will use Cisco tech to help transform rural lives…27/03 – NETWORKS – GSMA: 5G will be dominant mobile tech in USA by 2025 – Mobile industry body report shows US will be a 5G leader…14/03 – NETWORKS – O2: 5G will save local councils and households £6bn a year – Report details how smart technologies powered by 5G can improve society…11/03 – DEVICES – 5G a key factor to seamless VR experience, says Lenovo EMEA President – Lenovo wants to create memorable experiences for its customers, but is that enough?09/03 – NETWORKS – Ofcom plans new rural coverage obligations for 700MHz spectrum – Ofcom says 700MHz is an important opportunity to improve rural coverage as it plans for 5G future…03/03 – NETWORKS – Qualcomm hopes 5G vision will stand out from the hype – Qualcomm’s influence in the industry is significant, so its 5G roadmap is worth listening too…28/02 – NETWORKS – Intel and NTT DoCoMo prepare 5G plans for Tokyo 2020 Olympics – After success at PyeongChang 2018, Intel is stepping up plans for next Olympics…27/02 – MOBILE – Qualcomm looks to make it easier to make 5G phones – Launch will help OEMs build 5G connectivity into more devices…27/02 – PRODUCTS – Get ready for a 5G Internet of the Sky – Drones like the Ehang 184 will usher in a 5G-powered autonomous airspace…23/02 – NETWORKS – Why PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics are a 5G milestone – Athletes are making history at the Winter Olympics, but it’s an important event for 5G networks too…16/02 – NETWORKS – Why startups and research can make the UK a 5G leader – Does the UK really need to be first to the mark or be an industry powerhouse to be a 5G leader?07/02 – MOBILE – 5G set to push mobile data use sky-high – Giffgaff research estimates customers will use nearly 100GB of mobile data a month by 2025…

What will 5G networks mean for me?
Faster download and upload speedsSmoother streaming of online content Higher-quality voice and video calls More reliable mobile connectionsGreater number of connected IoT devices Expansion of advanced technologies – such as self-driving cars & smart citiesHow fast will 5G be?
It’s still not exactly known how much faster 5G will be than 4G, as much of the technology is still under development.That being said, the networks should provide a significant upgrade to current download and upload speeds – with the GSMA proposing minimum download speeds of around 1GBps.Most estimates expect the average speed of 5G networks to reach 10Gb/s, and some even think transfer rates could reach a whopping 800Gb/s.This would mean that users could download a full-length HD quality film in a matter of seconds, and that downloading and installing software upgrades would be completed much faster than today.

What will a 5G network need?
The GSMA has outlined eight criteria for 5G networks, with a connection needing meet a majority of these in order to qualify as 5G:
1-10Gbps connections to end points in the field (i.e. not theoretical maximum)1 millisecond end-to-end round trip delay (latency) 1000x bandwidth per unit area10-100x number of connected devices (Perception of) 99.999 per cent availability (Perception of) 100 per cent coverage90 per cent reduction in network energy usage Up to 10 year battery life for low power, machine-type devices Check out the best mobile deals for April 2018